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About Us

Back in 2002,  I was living in Sussex & working in London and wanted to set up a business and have children. I decided (pretty much overnight) to become a Petsitter.

In 2003 and 2004, I had my children - Alexander & Jemima and was busy walking and home boarding dogs. We moved to Suffolk in 2004 & I continued to grow my business here. 

I have built up my business & brought up my children in unison – and, yes the dogs are always easier!!

We have boarded elderly dogs, puppies, nervous & rehomed dogs, dogs brought over from the Continent and ex-racing dogs. All my dogs are treated as part of the family and are given lots of attention, interaction and physical/mental exercise.

My children too, have great engagement skills and understand how a dog's needs/requirements and temperament can vary greatly. Indeed, they've never known a life without dogs.

Dog Chaperone Wedding Service

Over the years, I have home boarded dogs whilst their owners are getting married. Client’s started to ask me if I would bring their dog along to their wedding venue for a few wedding photos. It was from here that our Dog Chaperone Wedding Service developed.

Our dogs are part of the family and it follows that we would want to include them in our big life events too! 

The dilemma for couples has always been one of logistics – who will bring the dog to the wedding venue & take care of them whilst they're there and then return them home afterwards?

It's difficult for a member of the wedding party to remain actively involved in the wedding whilst they are also focusing on a dog and its needs. 

This is where we come in! Amanda's Ark, have over 18 years’ experience in dog handling and animal care and are fully insured and licensed. We take full responsibility for your dog on the day, which means that your best-pal can be part of the wedding photographs, but without one of the wedding party having to be on “dog handling duty”!

Now your Best-Pal CAN come to your wedding & be included in those all important family photos!